Friday, 20 January 2012

Why I choose to build my teardrop trailer

Over the time I have seen many homemade teardrop trailers on the Internet and they seem to be the best alternative to my old van.

Teardrop trailer seems to be the best RV to fulfill my needs:

üCheap to travel with/Easy on gas.
üCheap to buy/fabricate.
üSmall enough to go on any remote or downtown roads.
üLight enough to be pulled with my 4 cylinders car.
üLarge enough to accommodate 2.
üHas a head turning look.
üDryer and warmer camping experience then camping with a tent.
üSet up time of a few seconds comparing to tens of minutes with a tent trailer.


1 comment:

  1. I see that you took the picture of the teardrop camper from Popular Science 1947 issue. I have the same as a PDF file. There is other information found on the PDF file. Some information that can not be used today. Such as surround of the Camping Stove. Been thinking of making a narrower version to pull by Bicycle, your information of using Polystrene for walls is helpful as I was thinking of the same material but covered with burlap might rethink this burlap idea for fibreglass. For a roof would section strip-glue as I saw in a Velmobile build for the curve. Roof covered with fibreglass should be waterproof and light. Thomas