Friday, 27 January 2012

My teardrop trailer specs

  • Floor length: 8ft
  • Floor width: 5ft
  • Inside height: 5ft
  • Overall length 11ft-8in
  • Overall height: 6ft-6in
  • Weight: 750 pounds (estimated)
  • Suspension: 2000# leaf springs and axle
  • Floor: BC fir plywood
  • Walls: composite material sandwich (epoxy-fibreglass and polystyrene foam)
  • Roof: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic (UHMW-PE plastic)
  • Frame: all welded steel
  • Color: green because it’s cool!


  1. Hi Jean-Rene, why did you use plastic for the roof instead of fiberglass? Thanks, Scott

  2. For a few reasons: I didn't have access to fiberglass sheets large enough, plastic looks better, plastic was easier to work with. The downsize is that plastic sheet expand a lot with higher temperature and it deform the trailer. If I had to do it again, I would have choose plywood or aluminium sheets.