Friday, 27 January 2012

Future of my teardrop trailer

Future of my teardrop trailer

Actual prototype design (8ft long x 5ft high x 5ft wide)
Future prototype design  (9ft long x 5ft high x 5ft wide)

  • Some fine tuning will probably be needed next summer.  I’ll see after extended use of it.
  • I am planning to test it a lot next summer.  I’m willing to lend it to many people to test it even more throughout the summer.
  • I would like to build a second prototype.  It would be a foot longer, same height and walls would be made of another material, easier to work with then fibreglass and foam.
  • I am considering a lot of design modifications: a rear hatch, a second door, lightning system, electric ventilation, storage  bin, etc...  But I want to keep my design simple as possible.
  • I like to receive suggestions and comments when people come to talk to me when I park at Walmart.  It is a great source of inspiration and motivation.

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