Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Construction of my teardrop trailer, walls and trailer assembly

Third, put it together:

ü5/8” BC fir plywood screw on the frame for the floor.
üThan, the walls are screwed to the floor.
üWalls hold together by planks screwed at each end to walls edge.


  1. Hi Jean-Rene,

    Where did you get the fiberglass for the walls?



    1. Hi Maxine,
      I got the fiberglass and epoxy at a local hardware store which sell a lot of stuff to repair sailboats. Look for such a store in your area or one who is selling material to build canoe and kayak. There you'll be able to get fiberglass in large quantity at a reasonable price and of the right quality This seller is a good choice: Altough I have bought wood from him for another project but not fiberglass..

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for a tear drop plan that will construct something less than 700 pounds (so, simplicity is what I'm looking for).
    Also, I am wondering if the plan comes with a list of major tools that are needed? Or, maybe somebody has put together a list of such tools?
    I would appreciate all the free direction I can get :) I am a student of university, and I plan on making one of these this summer before school starts in the fall :)

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      Building a teardrop trailer is a really nice project! I'm looking forweard to see yours at the end of summer!
      I've welded my own trailer base ( ), but a simpler solution would be to by an utility trailer from them ( ) or a similar product. Then draw in full size the shape you want on plywood or any other material, I've used foam and fiberglass but it's not the easy way to go. Go on ebay to find the hardware, window, door, vent, etc. you need. You'll be able to build it with a jigsaw, a drill and few other manual tools. I've built mine inside my 2 bedroom condo (excluding the welding of course!).

      All other infos about the construction of my teardrop is posted on this blog.

      Good luck!

  3. Have you tried Lowes for the fiberglass?

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